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Carving Folk Art Figures, Shawn Cipa
Santa Carving, Ron Ransom,1987
Carving Santa’s for Today, Tom Wolfe, 2008  
Donated by: Dianne Sallee

Carving Santas &Mrs. Claus, Ken Blomquist, 2003

Carving Santas with Special Interests, Ron Ransom, 1991

Carving Miniature Santas, Ron Ransom, 1995

Hand Carving Snowmen &Santas, Mike Shipley, 2000

Carving Christmas Tree Ornaments, Jim & Marge Maxwell, 1985

Wooden Egg Art - Christmas/Easter, Sarah Griffin, 1992

The Easter Bunny &His Friends, Tom Wolfe, 1992
See also: Animals - Carving Bears & Bunnies, Tom Wolfe

Halloween Carving, Paul &Camille Bolinger, 1998
Holiday Scroll Saw Ornaments, Rick & Karen Longabaugh, 1999 
Donated by: Jim Wilson

Carving and Painting Christmas Ornaments, Petty Paden, 2014




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