Acanthus Carving &Design, Bob Yorburg, Hans Sandom, Illustrator, 2010 Donated by: Doug Bibles

Carving the Animals of the Nativity, Helen Gibson, 1993, signed
Carving Cypress Knees, Carole Jean Boyd, 2005
Carving Cypress Knee Wood Spirits, Al Streetman, 2002

Carving Tree Bark, Rick Jensen &Jack Williams, 2004

Bottle Stoppers, Greg Young, 2003   Donated by: Doug Bibles

Carving Carousel Animals, H. LeRoy Marlow, 1989  Donated by: Al Krause

The Great American Carousel, Tobin Fraley, 1994
Carving Egg Heads, Mary Finn, 1996, 2 copies Donated by: Loren Woodard, Dianne Sallee

Fan - Carving, Sally &David Nye, 2003  Donated by: Harry Litsey

Folk Art Woodcarving, Alan & Gill Bridgewater, 1990
Carving the Rose, John Hagensick, 1993
Floral Wood Carving, Mack Sutter, 1985
Flower Patterns for Woodcarvers, Mack Sutter, 1985
Legendary Lighthouses Grant &Jones,
Lighthouses of the World, John Batchelor — coloring book
Carving Neckerchief Slides, Pins, &Magnets, Robt. Reitmeyer, 2001
Plains Indians, David Rickman — coloring book, 1983
Indian Tribes of North America, Peter F. Copeland — coloring book, 1990 Wigwams, Longhouses &Other Native American Dwellings — coloring book, 2004 Carving Totem Poles &Masks, Alan &Gill Bridgewater, 1991
How to Carve Totem Poles, Paul W. Luvera, 1978, signed
Looking at Totem Poles, Hilary Stewart, 1993

Projects for the Router, Casey Chaffin &Nick Engler (Popular Science) - Donated by: Lucy Morris in memory of Harold Morris

Scroll Saw Fretwork Patterns, Spielman &Reidle, 1989

Easy Weekend Carving Projects (eggs), Tim Toney, 1996

The Book of Signs, Rudolf Koch, 1958

Hand Carving Your Own Walking Stick, David Stehly, 2017

Wood Spirits and Green Men: A Design Sourcebook for Woodcarvers and Other Artists, Lora Irish, Chris Pye, Shawn Cipa, 2005

Quick and Cute Carving Projects (Eggs), Lori Dickie, 2017