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Caricature Carving - Best of Woodcarving Illustrated Special Ed., 2010

Carving Characters — Nation Carvers Museum, 1980

Folk Characters, Bill Higginbotham, 1985, signed

Carving Country Characters, Bill Higginbotham, 1981

Donated by: Jim Wilson Donated by Mike McGee Donated by: Jim Wilson


Humorous Country Characters, Bill Higginbotham, 1984, 2 copies Donated by: Jim Wilson Al Hanson

Carving Caricatures From the Missouri Foothills, Jim Maxwell, 1982, signed Donated by: Jim Maxwell

Gunfighter Patterns for Carvers, Al Streetman, 1995 Donated by: Richard Belcher

Carving Motorcycle Riders, Cleve Taylor, 1999
Carving Caricature Women, Debby Barr, 1999

Face It, Alsterlind, National Carvers Museum, 1984 CarvingHeads&Faces,JackEkstrom,NationalCarversMuseum Donatedby: JimWilson

Learn to Carve Faces &Expressions, Harold Enlow, 1980
Carving Animal Caricatures, Elma Waltner, 1951 2 copies
Tom Wolfe Goes to the Dogs, Tom Wolfe &Douglas Congdon-Martin, 1991
Woodcarving in Scandinavian Style, Harley Refsal, 1992 Donated by: Al Hanson

Woodcarving Patterns From the Guardhouse Whittler #1, Chuck &M. Smith, 1991
50 Character Patterns for Wood Carvers, Jack Price, 1986 Donated by: Jim Wilson

War Eagle I, Jim Cocke, Ed Zinger, Jack Bryant, 1983
Rendezvous - Woodcarving, Ed Zinger, 1984 Donated by: Jim Wilson

Caricature Soldiers From the Civil War to the World Wars & Today, Floyd Rhadigan, 2017

Creating Caricature Heads, Mark Kaisersatt, 2004 


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