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Carving Bears & Bunnies, Tom Wolfe, 1990,
Carving Birds &Beasts, Best of Woodcarving Magazine Special Edition, 1995

Carving Wooden Critters, Diane Ernst, 1993 Donated by: Jim Wilson

Carving Horses in Wood, Eric Zimmerman, 1983
Mammals: An Artistic Approach, Desiree Hajny, 1994

Carving the Wildlife of Forest & Jungle,David E.Pergrin,1984
Zoo Animals — Coloring book, Jan Sovak, 1993
Whales &Dolphins — coloring book, John Green, 1990
Woodcarving the Wonders of Nature, David E. Pergrin, 1984
Small Animals of North America, Elizabeth A. McClellan — coloring book, 1981

North American Wildlife — Reader’s Digest
Wild Animals, John Green — coloring book, 1987
Carving Patterns, Frank C. Russell

The Breakthrough Fish Carving Manual, Mark Frazier, 1996


Painting / Design / Finishing Birds 

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